Thursday, 7 April 2016


来自香港的Eddie Lam:
"Your is very good. You showed us where to see, to shop, to eat within the limited on shore time. I must say we, a group of 5 people, all satisfied with your service and would definitely refer your firm to our friend who will come to Penang in the near future. Once again, thanks for the service and wishing you and all your colleagues a happy and fruitful year in the Year of Monkey., "

只需把以下的资料寄到我的邮件箱(email)  ,我们会给您一个超值的槟城包车价钱和建议行程,
1. 到达槟城日期和时间(假如有飞机班机号码请提供):
2. 离开槟城日期和时间(假如有飞机班机号码请提供):
3. 人数(大人/小孩):
4. 酒店名称:

我们目前正很积极的推广我们的服务,让更多人知道我们的存在,以便可以帮助到更多顾客,让更多人,以最合理和没有隐藏费用的价钱,享受最值得的服务。您只需要“赞”我们的面子书  和“关注”我们的微博。同时也能得知我们的最新消息和优惠活动。

LYK Tour & Travel (联络人: Ivan Lim)
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