Tuesday, 7 July 2015



来自新加坡的Thia Yew Kwan:
"I am impressed with the overall service provided by your driver. He was friendly, easy-going, punctual and knowledgeable. Driver introduced many interesting food places and proposed worthy attractions to make our stay in Penang an awesome one! Thumbs up to your company for recommending such a nice driver!"

只需把以下的资料寄到我的邮件箱(email)   homiedelightscar@gmail.com  ,我们会给您一个超值的槟城包车价钱和建议行程,
1. 到达槟城日期和时间(假如有飞机班机号码请提供):
2. 离开槟城日期和时间(假如有飞机班机号码请提供):
3. 人数(大人/小孩):
4. 酒店名称:

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